The Holiday of a Lifetime

Experience the spectacular Highlands of Scotland on a tour custom-built to fit your individual interests in the comfort of a Mercedes limo with your own personal Guide/Chauffeur who is also a local historian, folklorist and traditional Scots singer with a wealth of knowledge about the history, culture and music of the Scottish Highlands.

We do not operate pre-scheduled tour packages; each tour is constructed uniquely to suit your individual preferences and interests.

Andy MacDonald standing beside his car

Highland Heritage Tours & Musical Encounters

Our aim is to provide the ultimate in a cultural holiday experience. Tour and adventure with us as we explore the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. It is our pledge to enable you to appreciate, not just the history, but the richness of heritage and legacy in music and song of this ancient, stunning and special place.


Many visitors to the UK speak mistakenly about Britain and England being one and the same place. Scotland they imagine as perhaps being a region of the UK.

Not only is Scotland a nation in its own right but the Highlands and Islands of Scotland ("A' Ghàidhealtachd") is within Scotland virtually a separate entity and has had all the requirements of nationhood in its turbulent existence.

Whilst being a vibrant and progressive place much of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland is still one of the last great areas of wilderness in Europe. An area which has its own language, culture, agricultural management, mechanisms for change and political hierarchy through the clan system.

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